The Story!

Hello everybody! I am Professor Proof!

For a long time I have been researching the hidden monsters of the city!!! In the process, I found out that they are everywhere in the cities! Monsters! Small and big, green and yellow, fat and thin, smacking and slurping! They live hidden from the human eye right below us! These monsters have taken up residence everywhere, taking over functions that we humans have always believed were brought about by us.

But I have developed a machine, by means of which one can track down the monsters and make them visible! A colossal achievement for science! The machine is powered by the energy that is generated when you scan a monster. And today I will put this machine into operation for the first time!!!

As soon as the machine is started, I'll be on my way to charge the machine by means of found monsters!

And you guys will be there live! Isn't that exciting?

Your Prof. Proof

Professor Proof


Professor Proof
live from his lab!

Let's take a look at his
latest invention and witness his 
his breathtaking technology!

(Videos is in german language)

And here are the features!

Dialog simulation

Prof. Proof and Mr. Crow, his helper crow, interact with the players via the tablet in witty dialogues and guide them through an immersive story. Through different answer options and dialog trees that influence the rest of the story, players must make exciting decisions, solve analog and digital puzzles, and move through the city together using GPS.

GPS Scavenger Hunt

With the help of previously individually determined GPS points in the city, the players are led from stage to stage. At these stations the puzzles are solved and monsters are found. The game does not require internet on the way. With the help of the GPS points it is possible to determine very precisely where the group is at the moment and where the next exciting puzzle is to be solved.


To give the whole game a rounded arc, the puzzles are embedded in a specially developed exciting story. The story and goals of the game are explained via dialog simulation. The story unfolds and the players are always directly involved. Sound and video sequences can also be played if desired.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality allows a wide variety of animated 3D monsters to merge with the real world. In this way, digital content can appear in analog events. Triggered by a reached GPS coordinate or a QR code, the content is projected directly into the real world with the help of the camera and you can move around these projected objects in real life.

Den QR-Code scannen und das Monster sehen
Analoge Rätsel bei Monster in the City lösen

Mini games (analog & digital)

Digital or analog mini-games adapted to the puzzles are used at the individual stations. These mini-games are coherently embedded in the story via dialogue simulation. With a bag containing analog objects such as a flashlight and test tube, players set out to haptically solve some of the mini-games in the real world.

Sound & Video

Our game is backed with funny sound effects and videos to strengthen the gameplay and immerse players in the world of the machine and monsters! Also we use funny sound files in some mini-games to solve the puzzles.

Full individuality

Each monster has its own habitat and task in the city. Some live in the water, others hide in a church tower, for example. You have the possibility to select specific monsters for your city to create an individual GPS-based route. The info texts for each stage are customizable to describe the incidents of the stage itself in more detail. Also, the translation into other languages is feasible upon request.

For all ages

Monster in the City can be played by young and old. There are no limits. Even the youngest ones can have fun, exploring the virtual monsters on the tablet with excitement. Older children can actively participate in the puzzles and mini-games, and for adults it's an adventure outside in the city or in nature.

Junge Spieler des Outdoor Escape Games
Gruppe spielt Escape Outdoor Game


During the game you can collect diamonds depending on your speed and correct solving of the mini-games. The more you collect, the higher your value will be later in the highscore! So you can play Monster in the City more often to get your personal highscore!


Monster in the City combines playful elements with knowledge and learning elements. The dialog simulation is structured in such a way that exciting knowledge content is also queried and conveyed between the mini-games. Playing and learning are thus combined with fun and adventure. Teamwork is also promoted by solving the puzzles together.

Photo function

With the integrated photo function, you not only take a photo of your group in the game, but also go on a monster hunt. We combine video technology with augmented reality technology to create the "aha" and "oho" effect. Test it yourself, you will be amazed!

Moral decisions

In the course of the game, the players are confronted with an important moral decision in which they have to choose a side. Fiery discussions within the group are inevitable.

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